Playing music should be enjoyable from the very beginning up to the most advanced levels.

When I started teaching guitar fifteen years ago, I decided to use my training from music school to give my students a unique opportunity:
Play any song you want.

    • If a child or parent wants to learn favorite kids songs like “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, that’s a great place to start!
    • If all you want to do is strum classic folk tunes, you don’t need years of theory. However, if you’re on your way to music school or you want to write your own songs,  I can quickly give you a solid understanding of music theory.
    • If classical music is your focus, we will work with the sheet music of composers like Beethoven, Bach, and many others.
    • If music-reading is not a goal, I will listen to any recording a student brings to me and I will create a version of the song that is skill-level appropriate.
    • If a student wants to play a pop song that’s been on the radio lately, it doesn’t even matter if there is a guitar in it.  I will listen to it and create a guitar version.

Every lesson is customized with guidance and exercises that will get you playing the music you love as soon as possible.


Chris Frost, Student for many years