Spanish Dance #5 was written for the piano by Granados, but I think it works great on the guitar. Because it's from the Romantic
I thought it would be cool to compare the tuning of the 7 different string instruments I own. I didn't realize how hard it would
Here's a nice moment from the Guitar Night that happened yesterday evening. We're playing a four part arrangement of this very
A little bit of Bach on a Wednesday afternoon anyone? Listen to the way the two separate voices interact with each other in a
Here's another instructional video. This time, it's about the strumming hand. This is a really important concept to understand
Finally, here it is. The Sunburst Rag by James Scott. This version for guitar was transcribed by Allen Jaffe. However, I have
Here's Part 2 of the video I posted yesterday. I realized there was one remaining connection between chord shapes that I didn't
This is my first instructional video. There are plenty of videos out there about the basic chords. Once you understand the
Nobody guessed it last time, so here's another try. This time, I'm playing the second section of the Sunburst Rag with a
Here's the first section of the Sunburst Rag. If anyone can tell me where I am, I'll post the whole thing next week!