When you have fun playing, you want to play more.
When you play more, you get better.
When you get better, it becomes even more fun to play!

I have a lot of fun playing and teaching music.

There are plenty of ways to learn the guitar.  Method books, online lessons, and learning “by ear” are all effective ways to learn.  To experience the joy of playing the guitar is something quite different.  It’s something that a student can only experience when they are playing a song they actually like.

I’ve been studying music for over 25 years.  Four years of that time were spent at Colorado College, where I devoted my time to the classical guitar.  My training in the music department helped me learn to listen to music in a highly detailed way.  This skill allows me to write sheet music for any song that I hear.  Since college, I have expanded my knowledge of playing classical guitar to playing just about every style of music.

Discover the joy of taking lessons from a teacher who can listen to your favorite songs and write them down for you!

I’ve been learning from Kyle for almost five years, and I highly recommend him as a guitar teacher.

Ms. Waage